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Punjabi Sad Shayari for Girlfriend

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Girlfriend: Hey Guys, Welcome back to another new article. In the Previous article we have talked about the Punjabi Sad Shayari for lovers and now we are back with a new article named Punjabi Sad Shayari for Girlfriend. I hope you all will like it and share it with your friends and family.

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It is quite common that often sadness is mistakenly confused with depression. Unlike depression, sadness is a natural part of life and is usually connected with certain experiences of pain or loss. But being Sad is not a big deal, In fact, it is quite a common thing. We all got sad on some issues and if you are sad and you want to express your feeling then these Punjabi Sad Shayari for Girlfriend can be one of the best methods to do so.

Best Punjabi Sad Shayari

Aakhiya De kolo Sada Reh sajna,
Assi Lakh War Tak Ke Vi Nahi Rajna,
Mukhra Na Mori Sada Zor Koi Na,
Kade Chaad Ke Na Javi Sada Hor Koi Na.

Punjabi Sad Shayari

Ishq ishq ta har koi karde,
Par koi Channa wich koodan nu tyaar nahi,
Ki kahiye ajj-kal de jhuthe aashiqa nu,
Dil de sakde ne par jaan nahi.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Lovers

Saade jism ne vakh ise duniya vich,
Chalo maniya tahiyon e duriya ne,
Par milde jad asin har janam de vich,
Fer is janam das ki majobriyan ne.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Girlfriend

Rabb kare tu sada hasdi rahe,
Koi dukh tere nere vi na aave,
Hor ki dua manga rabb to,
Tenu sadi vi umar lag jaave!!!

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Boyfriend

Sade Yaadan Wale Moti Kite Dul Ta Ni Gaye,
Sade Pyar De Sunehe Kite Rul Ta Ni Gaye,
Rat Sochan Wich Gai Chal Puchhange Swere,
Sade Yaar Sanu Kite Bhul Te Ni Gaye.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Husband

Diva Ban Javange Je Tu Waada Kare Jagaun Da,
Kheddange Har Baazi Je Tu Waada Kare Jitaon Da,
Saari Umar Udekange Tennu,
Je Tu Waada Kare Aaun Da.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Wife

Loki ishq paey karde ne..
Assi ishq bazaar vich ja baithe,
Loki yaar laben nu firde ne,
Assi labhia yaar gava baithe.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Him

Yaar hove oh jo kare pyar te jatave na..
Sanu hove dard te oh seh pave na..
Jad ve mile japfi pake mile..
Avein beganiya de wangu hath milave na.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Her

Menu mili judai ta main ki kara,
Na menu mahobaat ras ayi ta main ki kara,
Na menu umeed hun jeun di,
Je maut bhi na aayi ta main ki kara.

Punjabi Sad Shayari for Friends

Loki ishq ishq kar lende ne
Aasi ishq de peer jaga bathe
Loki yaar laban nu firde ne
Aasi labya yaar gava bathe

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